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Richard Quigley

OK, zero cutting, zero prying at nail, zero pulling. I treated a well advanced, ingrown toenail very simply.

1. Tiger Balm - white if possible
2. Betadine solution for the home small yellow bottle ( if you can't get this, just try washing in salt water)
3. A plaster

apply betadine first to the ingrown area, let it say until dry, around 2 mins. (or wash in luke warm salt water for 5 mins, and dry)

apply tiger balm until the area around in the ingrown bit is covered

just put a plaster around it

Do this morning after you wake up and at night before bed for 2 weeks and the nail with grow out.

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what is tiger balm? is the tiger balm for muscles, thats what i got when looked it up?


Hi, i am trying the option with the White Tiger Balm, not much luck as yet...I already had a surgery last year on my toe. How does it work? I'll keep trying, might get lucky:)
Thank you!


I honestly thought this was bogus but I was desperate not to have my toenail removed yet again and gave it a whirl. My one toenail has grown out and the second is 95% out. Both were SEVERELY ingrown, were about halfway down my toe. This has been just a month of careful care. My doctor was pretty shocked.

I recommend giving it a whirl. You can find Tiger Balm anywhere, i got mine at Wal-Mart. It's a bit expensive for a small jar but it lasts, as you need just a small amount.


thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
it really works
g-d bless you!


plaster around it ? just normal put it on? my ingrown nail toe painful near the root. do you think it can be work on it?


I am using a product called Flexall for other muscular reasons. It dawned on me that this might work too. Also have some boisitos balm. So when I treat my other muscles with Flexall I try the tigerbalm on the toe. At night, the boisitos. When in a rush, the Flexall. I'll Report back with my results...


I'm trying on Tiger Balm with cotton & bandage round it.
( it looks like the diagram there. Hope it works :) will report after two weeks

agghhhh sore

I searched 'Tiger Balm'... this is a HEAT muscular treatment. ALL posts on it say NOT to use it on open wounds or draining sores. My toe has a hook of nail inbeded into the side of my toe (it's freakin' killing me)... if I put this stuff on my toe I think i will hit the roof in pain. Anyone else have same as me (open wound)? Please advise. Thanks in advance.


At the risk of sounding really dumb, I've got to ask this: Which way do you wrap the bandaid around the toenail? Does it go on top of the nail or does it go around the skin of the nail?
Thanks in advance for helping.


I have had an ingrown nail for 5 Years and despite Many visits to a chiropodist it grows back inwards again. I have been using the Tiger Balm for a week now and I'm convinced its solving the problem. I will comment again in a couple of weeks . Billy from Scotland.

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