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Richard Quigley

OK, zero cutting, zero prying at nail, zero pulling. I treated a well advanced, ingrown toenail very simply.

1. Tiger Balm - white if possible
2. Betadine solution for the home small yellow bottle ( if you can't get this, just try washing in salt water)
3. A plaster

apply betadine first to the ingrown area, let it say until dry, around 2 mins. (or wash in luke warm salt water for 5 mins, and dry)

apply tiger balm until the area around in the ingrown bit is covered

just put a plaster around it

Do this morning after you wake up and at night before bed for 2 weeks and the nail with grow out.

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Mike Ashford

Yes, this 100% works. Literally after a week my toe was back to normal.


What's a plaster?


this is brilliant! I've had my ingrown toenail for 2years and tried everything from salt water to antibiotics and nothing worked. i used tiger balm for the first time last night and have already noticed a difference! thank you so much!


I think plaster is a bandage.


what is the plaster? I am going to try this.


Your having a laugh aren't ya ? A plaster is a band aid or just a erm plaster to English folk.


So the 'plaster' is just a regular ole' Band Aid?? I might try this!!!!


I was reading this and seriously thought you dipped your toe in plaster every night and morning and it seemed kind of weird to me lol


Plaster = bandaid. I'm an American, living in England...took a few times before I caught on.


where can you get tiger balm at

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