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When I was little I burnt my hand while mishandling a bag of just-popped popcorn. I was staying at a friend's house at the time and her parents weren't home. We had no idea what to do so we went into their bathroom and literally started trying random things to get the insane burning sensation to go away. While I kept my hand under the faucet, my friend rummaged through the cabinets. We tried aloe vera gel for sunburns, neosporin, toothpaste, etc. Nothing worked until my friend decided it would be funny to try her dad's shaving cream. So we did and it actually worked! Took the pain right out. I've since attempted to use my own (women's) shaving cream after burns but there is something in men's shaving cream (I've always used Gilette shave gel) that works like a charm.

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Worked like a charm


Worked for 2 seconds, then got worse. :(

kaya rain mcintire

i have just tryed it and no effect just pain and im a ten year old girl and im iun pain


on me no magic but here is your magic get a plate,flour,a lttile bit of water,moyonaze,mustard,salt,and two tea bags open um up and pour on plate the tea bag will take the heat of and just mix for a paste mix it with your burn and keep mixing


it works!! probably because mens shaving gel contains aloe vera and other soothing products due to their faces being so sensitive


Worked for me... Bout the only thing!!


Works like a charm!!!! my 8year old burnt his hand and after reading all of the posted i needed to try to see if it worked. He was in a lot of pain, and the sting went away in seconds. He is feeling sooo much better and is back to his old self again- running around and being a boy! lol


for me, this cut the pain in half, i'll take it! thanx all.


You know those nose inhalers that help you breath through your nose? Well, try rubbing that over your burns. It worked great for me


so i burned my finger on the curling iron. i didn't have shaving cream. tried to find the closest thing... so tried hair moose. it worked!
thank you!

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