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When I was little I burnt my hand while mishandling a bag of just-popped popcorn. I was staying at a friend's house at the time and her parents weren't home. We had no idea what to do so we went into their bathroom and literally started trying random things to get the insane burning sensation to go away. While I kept my hand under the faucet, my friend rummaged through the cabinets. We tried aloe vera gel for sunburns, neosporin, toothpaste, etc. Nothing worked until my friend decided it would be funny to try her dad's shaving cream. So we did and it actually worked! Took the pain right out. I've since attempted to use my own (women's) shaving cream after burns but there is something in men's shaving cream (I've always used Gilette shave gel) that works like a charm.

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just tried it...... worked a treat.... couldnt stand the pain or bend my finger before..... thankyou.


Just tried it on my 2 year old! It worked! Thank you he even had some fun with it! No more screaming thank god!


was it shave gel or after shave gel?


Wow. I'm a believer. edge gel worked like a champ


Works great thanks!


I just burnt my finger like 3 minutes ago and it worked instantly. That and a band-aid and I'm doing fine. Thank you.


Worked so good! Trying to run my finger under cold water al day isn't very practical! Thank you :)


Thank you for sharing this home remedy for burns. I burnt the side of my hand and as soon as I stopped putting the ice on, it would burn again. The shave cream really did help to relieve the burning. It wasen't an instant relief, but after a few minutes it felt much better. Thank you so much, I never would have thought that shave cream would work.

Jordy D

I just burned my fingers and I tried it. It worked right away!!! Thanks. I just learned something new today


Worked almost instantly! Thank you!

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