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Sunburns just happen, even during the times we think we are doing everything to prevent one, we get home and realize whoa Im a giant red jelly belly lol. So as a white girl Ive discovered the First thing to do is to take Ibprofen, but the most important step is to release the burn by taking a hot shower or bath. Do not take a cold shower, even tho it feels better, it closes the pores which keeps the heat under the skin. Next heat a black tea bag and apply to the skin, the blacker the better. If its all over your body then take a bath with several black tea bags instead. Do not wipe it off, the tannins in the tea is what helps the sunburn heal faster. After it air drys on the skin, then apply Aloe Vera Gel. The bottled stuff will work but the gel straight from the plant is the best. Also when I have Cucumber I mix it in with the Aloe Vera Gel, it helps too. Lastly apply plain Olive Oil or some type of bottled healing oil from the health food store to help seal it all into the skin. Reapply this remedy every hour and especially before bed. Everytime Ive used this remedy, I wake up the next morning noticeably less red, with little to no pain and in a way better mood. Good Luck. Hope this helps.

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