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The only thing that worked for me was to leave them alone. Don’t touch them at all. Unfortunately this can be difficult, especially while you’re asleep. If you touch or rub your eyes, the good news is, if you stop for a few days, you will see a drastic improvement. I only wish someone told me how simple it was 20 years ago.

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that's dumb how can you not touch your eyes at all


Don't be rude. It's simple, just don't touch them.

I Don't Believe You

I have been not touching them for years, and guess what? I still have them. What stupid, misleading 'advice.'


No need for being rude. If you don't like the advise given move on to the next one! Duh!!


Why are people being rude, theres no need. very immature.


Hey u son of a bitch:::::::: ho nd fuck urslf

Genius Guy of 2050

Go and ask your colony's doggies to f*** uh .. nd bite of ur thing ...

shweta singhwal

Its rubbish....i never touch my eyes...but they are.....pls dont misguide the peoples


The only time I touch my eyes is when I take off my makeup and put in my contacts. It is impossible not to touch your eyes.

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