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I have tried every treatment I can think of. I even went to Australia once for 3 months and wore sandals every day and bought the best tea tree oil I could get and painted that on every day while keeping it filed down but there was no difference.

I finally decided that I needed to heal it from within so I am taking olive leaf extract right now and it seems to be making a difference--first the toenail turned from yellow to white and stopped crumbling and now I can see a definite line where new healthy nail is coming in. I ran out of OLE for a couple of weeks and noticed that the healthy nail was taken over within a week so I got more and again the healthy nail is coming in.

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olive leaf extract, is this a supplement?


How much and how often?

Dr. Kay

Good thinking. I have used olive leaf extract for years and recommended it to all of my patients. The only one I use is from Sea Gate. In acute situations adult can take 9 a day. 3caps 3 times a day. Kills fungus, bacteria, and virus. Will not upset the flora in your gut. I have given to small children by opening the cap and putting in applesauce. dr kay


Where can I get olive leaf extract?


just picked some up at GNC, gonna try this and vicks vaper rub with vinegar soak. I'll check back in in a month


Why is it that you only use OLE from SeaGate? Will other brands not work?


While you were taking the OLE did you also kept filing down or cutting your nail? Or did you just take the OLE and the nail just began to change back to its normal state?

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