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Anuja Shrivastav

Here are some easy tips to reduce inches along with weight-
1.Take a walk alone. (Taking walk with your friend or spouse is a bad idea. talking while walking is useless walking)
2.Say no to sugar. Switch to sugarfree.
3.If you are rice lower,cook rice in open pot and in extra water. Throw away the excess water.
4.Avoid fried. Switch to roasted food.
5.Consume luke warm water,lemon juice and honey mixture.
6.Have your dinner atleast 4 hours before goind to bed.
7.Eat plenty of citrus fruits and drink lot of water.
Follow these simple rules and u can lose atleast 3 kgs and 3-4 inches, i assure you. Best of luck!

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It is better to walk with company. you can encourage each other and comment one another at the same time.


Does the water and honey mixture work?


How long exactly to notice the difference


how long will it take for a boy of 75kg

Concerned Weight Loss Expert

Sugar free food contains aspartame. I encourage EVERY ONE to research this product. It causes cancer, worsens diabetes, can cause headaches (which it definitely did to me) and many more side effects. It is in diet drinks and almost anything that is sugar free (even gum). It never should have been approved by the fda. There is also a documentary on it called Aspartame - Sweet Misery. Please watch it and research it for your selves!!!

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