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Tiffaney G

Athletes foot remedy. I have been battling af for over 5 years. I have been to dermatologists, podiatrist,primary care physician, diabetic specialist(I don't have diabetes, but gor so desperate, I thought this specialist would have the solution). Oral medication, topical medications you name it I've used it. These drugs would not work at all, I wasted hundreds of dollars when the solution was right in my kitchen.

I just had the worst af episode, my feet were swollen, oozing with puss and I could barely walk or put on shoes.
I soaked my feet in distilled vinegar, antibacterial dish soap( dawn) and bacitracin 2 times a day. Dry feet real good, do not reuse towel, use paper towel or wah rag that you can dispose of. Apply tea tree oil . And watchas your feet begin to clear up immediately. Use disinfectant spray in you shows and wear cotton socks.

I have ne'er felt better. This issue made me so depressed and weld conscious of getting a pedicure. Trust me it works. Be well

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How did you include the bacitracin being its a gel type cream to the liquid mix of the vinegar & dish soap? Or was it rubbed on afterward? Thanks!!


How much of each ingredient is mixed together?


This really works, I tried prescriptions , and all the over the counter medicine u can think of for three months and mine only got worse, this process got mine cleared in just 12 days! U can see the progress almost instantly though!

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