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Just wondering why people just don't have them taken off at the doctor. Takes 15 seconds.

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Because it cost money to get them taken off at the doctors. It's just easier and cheaper to do it yourself.


Also in the uk they don't do it cow its considered a cosmetic procedure, not a medical problem


It costs $40 or more for EACH skin tag and then you have to pay $100 to the lab for examining it.
That's the reason people are looking for a better and less expensive way. And ins says they are not covered unless in an area that is causing it to become infected from rubbing.


I have been disabled for 8 years. I once paid to remove tags and wart by MD. He used laser and scalpel, with local liquid for pain relief. It was expensive ,but after 4 or 5 years the warts and tag came back with a vengeance. Having put on more weight is a probable cause. I have rows of them under my armpit. They have colonized on my neck, back, thighs and very close to my genitals. I'm looking for a more natural cure because I fear the cost would be very high.


Some people don't have the money or health insurance.


Some people cannot afford to go to the doctor to have the skin tags removed even if they have insurance there coverage may not cover removal unless it,s hanging up on clothes or jewlry. so make sure you have a good reason to remove from the doctor,s


And the doctor removing it hurts i had two removed it was painful even though he numbed it alittle and also people dont have the money for doctors to remove it kinda like me i have about 4/5 i needa remove so heeeelp lol


What causes skintags?

the simmons

I have asked my doctor over and over and he will not do it, keep telling me they will grow back. so i just got a bottle and wanted to see what every one else said before I started to use it and i like what i have read here, thanks everyone for your input


Mine was on my crotch, no thank you, doctor. Plus, I am poor... (Jobless teenager).

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