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It is 80 degrees in South Carolina for the last week. I couldn’t resist working outdoors clearing brush and trash out of the yard. I ended up with a double dose of poison ivy AND chiggers, and haven’t slept in a week. I read many of the posts, and some make a lot of sense. Nothing OTC works and cost a lot of money. I needed something that will help get rid of the reaction and promote healing while preventing infection.

We know: 1) the larvae inject an enzyme into your skin to kill it and then feed off the dead skin. 2) By the time the allergic reaction starts, the larvae are gone. 3) It’s the reaction to the enzyme that causes the intense itch—not the larvae. 4) You will not smother the larvae with nail polish as they are not there.

Most of the remedies that interested me started with some type of soak—sea water, hot bath, Epsom salt bath, etc., which will soften the skin and tissue in and around the lesions. Epsom salts and even something like Calgon, will increase the amount of water absorption of your skin. Then, some kind of abrasive--sea sand, Epsom salt crystals, baking soda, etc. Then, something antiseptic to prevent infection. (DO NOT scratch the tops off the lesions with your fingernails, like some of these posts promote. Fingernails are hideously dirty and you are just begging for a MRSA infection). Then, some type of cooling compound—Cool mint Listerine, camphor, mint, menthol, witch hazel, eucalyptus, etc.

I made a paste of baking soda and cool mint Listerine (which is antiseptic) as that’s what I already had in the house. I took a hot bath. While in the bath after a long soak, I put the paste on an abrasive cloth used to exfoliate skin, and scrubbed the heck out of the lesions until I had actually scrubbed them raw, and then scrubbed them again. A few hours later, the sores were drying up and I felt relief already. The trick is to remove and/or neutralize the enzymes to stop the allergic reaction.

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The best home remedy I've found for chigger bites~~~Campho Phenique. It's a pain relieving antiseptic and stopped my itching in five minutes! Just dip a Q-tip in the liquid and apply!


I just got back from St. Lucia and what started out as tiny red painless dots soon turned into inflamed, painfully ITCHING, bites all over my feet, ankles, and legs. I tried campho phinique, Caladryl, hydrocortisone cream, and nothing was effective.

I took the advice from one of the posts... I scrubbed my skin for about 15 minutes with Epsom Salt after a hot shower. Then, I used the Cool Listerine and Baking Soda paste....Awesome!!! I have been miserable for the past 48 hours and now I feel human again! Thank you so much!!

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