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My second favorite herbal remedy for joint pain is fenugreek(methi seeds)+tea/garlic.
I swallow about 1/4 teaspoon of fenugreek powder with water then drink some tea and I'll get this inner warmth that seems to reduce inflammation throughout my body. The tea has no effect for me by itself and fenugreek only works slightly without the tea.

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i was suffer from knee pain few months ago, arthritis pain irritated me. i could not do able to any work. I search supplement for get relief from arthritis pain. I used two, three product for pain relief, those supplements are good, but i need to use those supplements long time. but i didnt get any results. again i searched on the web, i got one best supplement named joint juice, i used just two weeks it gives relief from arthritis pain.


People with high blood pressure should be careful to use fenugreek seed powder and garlic as these two can raise blood pressure. Take a Ayurvedic practitioner's advise before trying.


As i mentioned earlier, people with high blood pressure should avoid taking fenugreek seeds and Garlic as these can raise blood pressure. Best remedy for knee pain or any other joint pain {for ppl with high blood pressure} is to use Aloe vera juice 2 oz each time diluted with equal amount of warm water. Organic Aloe vera juice will give nicer results. Some yoga Asanas will make you feel better quicker.

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