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About 15 mins ago I was like so mad that my ear had wax build up with water I have been so uncomfortable for the past 3-4 days and I just read on this page to get the surrenge thing and heat up virgin olive oil and let that soak in the ear for a min or two then flushed it out with hot water and that little surrenge thing and about ten squirts later the ear was cleared.. I sware life saving technique helped out a bunch

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*surrenge thing * I sware I don't know if I'd trust someone that can't use spell check.


Sware or swear ?


blahahaha thats funnyy


Those of u critisizing really need to get out more u know what they meant... didn't you? it was very funny!!!


In todays world of LOL and OMG etc... I didn't think there was anything spelt wong... LOL BTW My ear was really impacted and I did the Olive oil thing and it really worked. Ball-o-wax popped out after about 10 flushes. Thanks for the advice


1 sentence....


'Surrenge'--that's a new one. Someone needs to go back to elementary school.


OMG! Like it saved ur life for realz? Lmao!!!


1. Learn how to spell.
2. Learn English.
3. Go back to school to learn both 1&2
4. It's not a 'life saving technique'. CPR is a life saving technique.


Really? Do none of you have anything better to do then critize someone for their spelling? This is a website for people to post their own experiences with home remedies. Get over yourselves and let people post what they want.

Thanks for the advice no matter how it was spelled!!!

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