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out west

Chigger bites. We had no luck with anything the Dr. gave us. We saw some of your home remedies, Clorox bleach, ammonia, and nail polish remover. Seems alone it just was not enough to kill the buggers on our legs. I told my husband that I had had enough (over 3 months ) so I got 3 small bowls and a hand full of cotton balls. Poured Clorox in a bowl, ammonia in a bowl, and fingernail polish in a bowl. We dipped one cotton ball in each bowl then took turns with the Clorox ammonia and nail polish holding it on top of the chigger for 30 seconds each then did it a few more times. It will sting but the spot starts to bleed. and it won't with Dr's meds . so it lets go and dies. OK after that things where getting better(5 months later) and I was thinking that about that same time I noticed a funny bump on the side of my cheek close to my chin . Well it would come and go so I forgot about about it. I decided to Put a cotton ball with Clorox on it then the ammonia then nail polish about 3 or 4 times. It started to bleed and a red thing the size of a RED TIC TAC came out it had long strings on it like feelers or blood suckers or a chigger. I WILL NEVER GO CAMPING AGAIN

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In my previous comment, the yield symbols in the chemical reactions were changed to →. They should just appear as arrows.

Crock of crap story

What a crock of crap. Chiggers don't stay or burrow into your skin. Also, exceptionally stupid advice.

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