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I get bacterial vaginosis several times a year and usually have to resort to seeing a doctor for a prescription of Flagyl or Metrogel. This time I was on vacation and couldn't see one for about 4 more days. Desperate for relief, I found that garlic does indeed work. I refuse to douche so this was really my only option. Several sites suggested inserting garlic vaginally. One site suggested wrapping a clove in thin medical gauze before inserting it so you can pull it out easily. Another suggested piercing the clove with your fingernail to release the juices. I left mine in for two hours. The rest of the day and the next morning were symptom free! It did not hurt at all and I didn't have to insert the clove very far for relief.

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I hope this works bc I didn't see anyone mention how badly it burns


Lubricant meshed clover with Olive Oil.


Did you try it? Let us know if it works!


well hear goes nothing I wrapped it gauze and tied dental floss to it so I dont lose it I hope it works. I hope my husband doesnt notice the smell of garlic coming from between my legs tonight well in bed.Well I guess it is better then the embarrassing smell of BV I have been dealing with this for over 6 yrs off an on this is the first time I have got it back in over a year and I am sick of using antibodies and getting a yeast infection I am also sick of paying so much for it only to come back. I will let you all know as I have just done it it does burn a bit but I find it to be a very mild burning feeling.


Megs, has it worked so far??? I am desperate!!!!


I inserted a garlic clove vaginally for the past two night, also douched with part distilled water / part 3% hydrogen peroxide and it looks like it worked. No more bad itching! I have no problems inserting garlic, no burning at all. And in the morning comes out when I am on the toilet... No need for digging :). Thank you ladies for such great advises, I was going nuts!

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