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Ashley Lomelo

Lysterine. I swear it work. Soke your toes every time you get out of the shower. You will see results instantly.

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I did this religiously for almost 2 months - soaking in Lysterine for 10-15 minutes twice a day.
It didn't do ANYTHING that I even remotely noticed.
Perhaps there are slightly different strains that react differently to the various 'cures' out there,


This remedy has worked wonderfully! The Dr. prescribed medicine only worked as long as I continued to take it. The Vick Vapor rub turned my nails black and using this method, the listerine killed the fungus and the dead toe nail broke off. I now have a healthy pink nail growing back! ;o)


It works because that was the original idea for Listerine. It was a remedy for athletes foot before it became a mouth wash.

Lady Savvy from NYC

I have mixed listerine and vinegar in a bottle and been applying it to my toe that has the fungus- the left side of the nail. I am beginning to see white inside the fungus and it's growing out. I also use tea trea oil after I apply the aforementioned method.


this did nothing for me but turn my toenails blue and now it wont come off because of the stupid listerine .dont do this method it sux


U arent suppose to use the COLORED Listerine!! Just the Original Bottle!


I soaked my affected foot in Lysterine every morning for 20 minutes at breakfast for the last 6 months. Only missed a few days. There has been no noticable improvement. Still looking for a cure.


AlvinLee, the active ingredient Thymol kills the fugus.

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