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i used to get canker sores all the time, so 6 months ago i switched to biotene toothpaste, which doesnt have SLS, which can cause cankers. i finally stopped getting canker sores. well, i got a few on my tounge, but when i felt them coming, i just used listerene and they were gone the next day. however, the other day, i got my first bad canker sore because i kept forgetting to use biotene for a few days and ended up using regular toothpaste. i found this method on a different website:

i tried it before, but it didnt do much. i decided to try a different method, and this time, it's working.

1) gargle with warm, salt water. this might hurt.
2) make a paste of baking soda and water. use a little more baking soda than water.

3) put it on the canker sore and leave it for a minute. it tastes bad. it also may sting, but not as bad as the putting salt directly on it remedy does. my opinion.

4) rinse your mouth with warm water to get the baking soda out. but don't make the water too hot... i did the first time and it hurt the canker sore.

5) if you want, take some OTC pain medicine after that.

i did this about 2 hours ago, and it lessened the pain from a 10 to a 5. then i just did again about it 10 minutes ago and the pain is down to a a 3 maybe!

it's a pleasant suprise that this worked! hope i helped!

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I was afraid to use this one but I tried a lot of other things that didnt help too much so I tried it. The salt water didnt hurt but the baking soda and water hurt so badly, but after the pain stopped it didnt hurt very bad! Thanks for the help!!!!


the baking soda hurt ALOT, but it did feel better after the rinse. Uh! I hate this....

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