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I have been trying to share this story as much as I can, I hope it helps someone: I had UTIs for YEARS, since I was 16 up until I was 23. I was on and off antibiotics the whole time, and sometimes they had to prescribe me the more powerful stuff because the first round didn't work. I only used the most gentle soaps, no thongs, no sex, chugging water, chugging cranberry juice, NOTHING WORKED.

However, once I had one so bad that I couldn't drive to my regular doctor I was in too much pain/urgency. So I went to the clinic that was near my apartment, and the doctor gave me advice that I took, and after following it I have been UTI-free for THREE YEARS.

1. No baths with bubble bath or oils, salt is ok. Don't take them too often or too long.
2. Don't pee too often when you start to have symptoms, this actually makes it more irritated. I know it's tempting to pee every 5 minutes or just sit on the toilet for hours, but try to hold it at least 20-30 minutes in between.
3.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: get cranberry juice, but not the 'cocktail' stuff they sell in most places. The sugar in them actually makes the problem worse. Get the 100% cranberry juice you can buy in natural food stores. It tastes awful, I have to water it down. Drink a half a glass twice a day, and more often after sex or when you start to feel symptoms.

It was amazing!! I haven't had a problem in 3 years. Seriously, try the real cranberry juice twice a day. It's incredible.

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So you mean even you have sex w your partner often the uti wont irritate you anymore?

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