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years ago my parents took their little long haired dog that slept in their bed to California. When they came home a few days later my mother had a tick in her ear.Our family Dr.could not get it out and was sent to another Dr. HE PUT A DROP OF ETHER ON IT TO PUT IT TO SLEEP AND OUT IT CAME.(the dog picked up a ticks) -------Chiggers------- Some how I got bit by chiggers, meds from the dr did nothing. Over 6 or 7 months this has gone on and on then I bought a small bottle of compound w maximum strength fast acting liquid wart remover for my husband.. I read the active ingredients---ETHER 63.6%---- WOW---SO I bought Rid and Nix Lice killer. - now this helped on a red spot on my skin that this thing called home for a long time.I sterilized a pair of tweezers with alcohol then roughed up the top of the sore then put the compound w on it and put lice killer on top. I noticed if the chigger falls asleep the sore will bleed when it lets go of its grip. As soon as it bleeds put more rid and compound w on start trying to scrap the chigger out while it is sleeping. You can use the tweezers to work the compound w down to make sure its on the chigger. Spray with DEET around the area not getting in the opened sore so they wont move around. You can't get rid of them unless they let go of their grip. keep trying. Also Amonia kills them. good luck

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chiggers dont burry in the skin.. thats a myth. lol

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