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Went to the Doctor today with what I thought was Ring Worms on my torso. Turns out it wasnt, just a tinea infestation that sometimes gets out of control. It looks like Ring worm, acts like Ring Worm but isnt as contagious. Easy fix to, just bath yourself in Selsun..not selsun blue its not strong enough. Once a week you apply a thin layer of Selsun from your neck down to your legs and from elbows up, leave on overnight, Repeat every week for 6 weeks but continue to use Selsun every day for bathing. Doc said it could take a long time to clear up. Sometimes even years. Oh and when bathing gently scrub the area with selsun as well.. The fungus livs in the first layer of skin and this helps remove it.

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Tinea is ringworm.


There are many different forms of tinea... ringworm, jock itch, athletes foot, etc. So therefore, there are different levels of intensity of tinea.


Len, you are a delusion fool. Ringworm is a form of tinea. At the end of the day, you have a fungus infection.

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