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SALT SALT SALT SALT SALT!!!!!! This saved ne!!!! It doesnt matter how to put the salt on ther, just get IN ON! u can put it on a towel or mix it with water whatevrer..... I needed instant releive so i just got a salt packet, wet my finger, dipped it in salt, and rub it in! I did JUST THAT! It burns a little but thats how u know its working!! Keep the salt in for as long as u can take the burn (the longer the better) then just wipe it off! DONE SALT IS KEY!! Stop reading all these other comments, vrab that SALT and go! Quit waistng time! SALT! D

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Omggg Thank u so much for this tip. I really worked. Now i can sleep tonight thanx to you. Again thank u :-)


How many times do you have to do the salt until your yeast infection is gone?


I have some what of a dumb question. But I was wondering the salt treatment should it be sea salt or cooking salt?


So far so gud,salt has worked for the inner itching but as for d lips,it still itches like crazy.still see little discharge though.not really much like before.

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