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Do jumping jacks for 1-2 minutes. Or you can chew on a very minty gum or have anything minty in your mouth such as a listerine mouth spray, etc... Hope u get better.

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No way! Works magic. Blow it all out at the end and you'll feel great.


That helped me open one nostril up! YAY!
Before that one was opened and one was stuffed!
I can finally breathe! THANK YOU!


The gum also helped me more!


This really did work thanks!


I just tried your jumping jack method and it worked great, I followed it up with a nasal irrigator and it was even better. Thanks for the tip.


i am clautrophobic and when I get a stuffed nose i get panicky....tried the jumping jacks and am completely amazed at how quick that worked...oh please stay open nostrils.


cool it actually worked! THANK YOU


WTF!!!! It actually worked!!! I didn't even do a full two minutes! At 34 seconds my nose opened right up!


I cannot believe this actually worked!! Thank you so much!


I just did jumping jacks at 4am. I'm cured! You're a magician.

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