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Hello everyone,

Just yesterday I found out that huge flat stone texture on my heel was a plantar wart. The dermatologist gave me antibiotic creams and that acid dropper ....anyway I didnt use any cuz I dont think that would work but she did freeze it.


Before going to dermatologist, I crushed garlic and covered the spot with the wart with cotton and tons of cloth. The wart became smaller. The next day I decided to combine crushed garlic with mustard oil and turmeric and wrapped it tightly the same way. My foot turned yellow cuz of the turneric but the place with the wart turned greenish black and root started comming out. Today I combined cinnamon with garlic powder with turmeric powder, fenugreek powder and black seed powder with apple cider vinegar and covered my whole feet with it again wrapping tightly...lets see what happens after that.

Everything used is a natural antibiotic and you wrap it tight cuz you dont want oxygen this helps get rid of it.

I am not a herbal doctor though in my family we use old arabic medicine all the time and this stuff really works. Also dont forget to cut skin with razor after each application with a razor and dont touch any other part of your skin or it will spread.

I hope this helps :)

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