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I found that the best way to get rid of it is to
1. Increase your vitamin intake drastically, especially if you are experiencing this during winter with less sun. I prefer (and this is just personal preference)Centrum chewable tablets, and I eat 2-4 per day and drink heaps of water when I have this.
2. Dont use ANY cosmetics near the area. The vitamin increase should make your skin start looking pretty awesome anyway.
3. Keep the area moist. I use Vaseline or Lucas' Paw Paw and NOTHING ELSE. I have tried EVERYTHING on this, every lip gloss and treatment going. These are the only 2 that work for me.
4. Use (undearneath the vaseline) a baby mouth cream for baby thrush. This will address any candida problems you are having and washing with non-scented soap and drying 3-5 times per day before you apply will take care of bacteria.

Good Luck with it. This works for me.

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