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Christina V.

Mirapex is the only RX that seems to work for me. I wish there were more awareness for this diorder. I have been fighting with violent leg episodes for many years now.

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if you wish to try something else other than miraplex try privic spray it really works


Mirapex is the only thing that has ever worked for me. My doctor has always given me samples, but he is not getting them from the sales reps like he once did. Therefore, I am going to have to start getting it via prescription and it is way too expensive for me to afford. I need another remedy.


I suffered from Rls for many year. Tried mirapex for a week but had bizzare dreams. Used sports creme for years instead which helped but didnt cure it. Changing my diet totally got rid of it. No sugar, caffiene, milk. I sleep wonderfully now for about six months. Hope this will help you out.


I took mirapex and it was great except I had to side effect that stopped my breathing in both it and requip. Both wonder drugs as long as your not the 3% of ppl that happens to


Be careful on Mirapex & Humira. My Dad & Suster took it Mirapex for years. It caused terrible addictions. My Dad became a compulsive gambler, my sister-a non drinker- started drinking often. They both became shopping addicts. So many bad things. It relueves the RLS & u sleep. But, my sisters marriage failed. My Dad got off the rx a year ago & were so glad to have him back. He literally gambled WELL over $100,000 in the past several years.


Dear TanYa (previous commenter):Blaming gambling, drinking, shopping addictions all on Mirapex and Humira? Really?? That string of bank robberies, well I was hooked on Twinkies - sure glad that Hostess went bankrupt.


Actually, go read the important safety information for Mirapex on their own website. They list compulsive gambling, sex, shopping as side effects right on their own page.
My mother in law has been taking Mirapex for at least 7 years. They changed the dose last year and she is having some major health problems, like blacking out. Come to find out most of her issues are listed as side effects for Mirapex.
We are currently looking for other options.


I have been on miraprex for a few years now. It helps with my RLS. It take my meds around 7 - 730pm at night along with the Ultram ER( extended releif). Used to take Requip and that quit working on me.


Twinkies are back, so Twinkies combined with Mirapex -- you will be gambling and robbing banks!!

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