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Try taking one naproxin sodium and one extra stregnth tyenol. It helps alot without drowsiness.

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You surely like drugs ah, next thing you know they'll find you like Anna Nicole Smith and finito.


after 2 days of the worst pain i have EVER had and 1/2 bottle of Aleve, aspirin, lortab, darvocet, advil, salt water, peroxide, ice, heat, cloves, finger massage, jack daniels on qtip...nothing helps...i'm going to DRINK the jack daniels now


I've been taking prescription
Naprosyn and 2 Tylenol. It helps to dull the pain a little but def doesn't take it away.


You can't take something that is IB Prophen based like Naproxen with something acetaminophen based like tylenol. Please don't mix these 2 drugs.


Actually you can because they do different things and one and one is no different than taking two. You shouldn't take either all the time but when you are in a lot of pain or have a high fever alternating advil and tylenol every few hours works wonders it's just bad for you if you do it on a regular basis.

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