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Well I'm 29 years old and found out on December 16, 2012 that over got Genital Herpes. Im still in shock but I can't beat myself up about it. Sometimes I feel like im dirty and no one will love me because of this virus. I'm trying to be positive because things could have been worst. Ive been using a diaper rash cream called 'Butt Paste ' its really thick shoo when you urinate it doesn't sting. My first out break was seven blisters but they healed after I took the antivirals for ten days. About a week and a half later I've develop one area with a cluster of blisters .So im back on my meds and just trying to be stress free which is easy said then done .This site its a breath of fresh air for me Thanks.

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I'm 19 and found out 2 days ago... I've been depressed I feel nasty, I thought this messed up my life for ever but after reading this post and others I know I'm not alone and that's a good feeling! Thank you for sharing!

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