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I've suffered from eczema since i was an infant. The first ten years of my life was spent in and out of hospitals. I'm in my late twenties and still get outbreaks once in a while. I usually get it on my face neck, fingers, and inner arms and legs. About three months ago I started getting a light outbreak on my arms, which turned to a horrible attack a month later. I had to take time off work, because I couldn't concentrate on anything! I literally felt like my skin was on fire. I have tried many home remedies to no avail. I know the eczema became worse from eating and drinking through the holiday season, so the first thing I did, was I started eating clean! Very important. I finally found something that relieved the itching and dryness, and wanted to share it with you guys. About two days ago, my skin was fire hydrant red, cracking, and weeping. As a last resort i tried a bleach bath first thing in the morning. (I never wanted to try it before because I try to put only 'green' organic ingredients on my sensitive skin.) It definitely subdued the itching. Half a cup to a cup of bleach in a bath tub of warm water (depending on the size of your tub) for ten minutes. Rinse in the shower after wards. Then at night I took another bath with a half a cup of baking soda which helped more with the dryness and the inflammation. Right after the night bath, I put a mixture of olive oil and virgin coconut oil on, on top of that i put Cetaphil cream, and covered it with a wet dressing for the night. I wet the bandage in half aloe vera juice/ half chlorophyl water, then covered it with a dry bandage. This morning I woke up, with skin that is actually smooth to the touch. I almost wanted to cry. My skin hasn't felt like this in months. It still looks red and patchy, but it is on the way to healing! You can get chlorophyl drops to add to filtered water at your local health food store, as well as alove vera. I hope this remedy helps someone else. Good luck to you guys, I can how draining this ailment can be.

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Thank you for this. I'm going to try this on my little sister because from the way you described you eczema she has it the same way you do. I really hopes this works. She's always waking up at night and crying over how much her skin hurts. thanks again.


bleach is bad for your skin. read the danger label. swimming in a pool of chlorine is also really bad for your skin especially if you have eczema. look up dangers of bleach and chlorine. and its even worse for your private parts can you say yeast infection.

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