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How to prevent yourself from getting smelly feet and even athlete's foot.

They get to know an alternative but very effective remedy to cure (and prevent) smelly feet and athlete's foot.

Unfortunately I'm nearly an expert on foot care problems like sweaty, smelly feet (foot odor), nail fungus and even athlete's foot (tinea pedis). I suffered from it several years ago. I've tested nearly anything but the most important fact to cure the problem is the following: Keep the feet dry!

Generally foot odor and athlete’s foot do not arise alone from the sweat, which surrounds your feet. It is rather bacteria existing on the skin, which are decomposed by the sweat. The waste product of this decomposition leaves a very unpleasant smell and is an ideal breeding climate for athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Fortunately this can be combat effectively and naturally with special zederna insoles made from cedarwood (you can also call it cedarsoles). Without chemistry – 100% natural. The wood of the cedar tree is even used in the boat building sector because of it's antibacterial features. Cedar wood is extra fungus-resistant. One of the few trees in nature who has such abilities. Fortunately this effect also works against human fungi just by wearing them inside your shoes.

The antibacterial effect will diminish approximately after 2-5 months. It depdens on your daily usage. Occasionally you can clean the insoles with mild soap or shampoo. Let them dry at room temperature and do not put on radiator or oven.

Moreover the cedarwood binds all the moisture (sweat) which surrounds your feet. And it's fresh odor gives your feet a menthol- or even eucalyptus-like flavour.

It is very comfortable to wear such polished cedarsoles on the naked foot and of course with socks or nylons. Normally the inserts wood side should be above (against your foot) and they are suitable for daily use in all kind of shoes. You can also use them for children's shoes, because you can easily cut them into lower sizes with common scissors. The back normally consists of a stabilizing cotton layer.

Cedarsoles are flexible and adapt your foot form after a few steps.

Another big advantage: Once you put these insoles into your shoes the effect (normally) starts. Annoying treatments with gels and powder belongs to the past. You never have to apply anything else.

So, I think it's a very good way to cure sweaty feet. By the way they also prevent you from getting other foot disorders.

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