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Two tbs of flour n water it also works just steer n drink

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Learn to spell and then maybe I will take your advice.


2/18/2013. I just did this at around 4 AM (after a dozen trips to the john with at least 4 'accidents') and it worked. I was able to sleep until 7 AM. I'll remember this simple remedy (always available in my pantry).

Thank you.


I can't believe that someone is so rediculous to be patrolling a remedies page to write mean comments about the original posters message. 'Learn to spell first before I'll take your advice', oh man, the world is so going to hurt because you didn't try the free and donated advice from common folks. Sad world we live in.
Thank you for this advice OP, I will give it a try.


Trolls have no life nor any friends, so they have to lash out the best way that can in order to vent.


As a Dr I'm using it now and for the mean troll.....I'm gonna steeeeeer alryt!

Always on the go

How much water?


Im sooo glad you posted this. It worked. Thanks sooo much.


My mother raised me and my brother on this whenever we had diarrhea and it always works, tastes awful x


which flour r u talkin bout wheat? maize or any?


One of my favorite remedies. My son had stomach virus with diarrhea and fever I gave him warm water and flour stirred in a 6oz cup within a hour he is fever had broke and no more diarrhea. So in my house we use this faithfully. My friends laugh when I tell them to use it for their kids, but my son son is proof that it works. Now when he gets to feeling bad he'll say mom I need some of that flour~water. Thanks for posting this so that know I'm not the only one who does this.

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