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This may sound a little far fetched but try reflexology, it worked for me when nothing else did. On your fingers and toes find the sensitive spots on your joints and massage the pain out. It takes awhile to get all of the sensitive spots out but it works!

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Actually, this did work for me. I was a complete skeptic, but was so desperate that when I was told about this, I searched out some charts for the right spots online and used them. I no longer want to shoot myself in the tooth.


I would have never believed it....but when I was feeling like my eyeballs were going to pop out because of the pain from a moler..... I sprayed sore throat spray in my mouth and swished it around....then put my hand in ice water while massaging between my thumb and index finger and the pain was gone....TOTALLY GONE. I know what to do if it comes back. Do it....Do it now if you're having pain. You may not have the spray but you have ice water.
Do it!

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