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Let me start off by saying im not completely sure what my skin type is.. Sometimes I think it's combination sometimes dry.
I get pimples around my chin and sometimes my forehead..
I'm dry in between by forhead but oily in my tzone.. Idk it depends on the day
It used to be really bad for a while.
I tried the a little bit of cinnamon and lemon and sugar, and it got a little bit clearer.. I would make it every night..
Today though I realized I see an improvement but it's defently not completely clear.. So I googled alot of stuff.. For ance scars, acne ,dry skin, brightness and made my new mask.
Less than 1/4 cup of milk
1/4 cup of oatmeal
1tblspoon turmeric ( it won't stain skin cause of the milk?
1 tblspoon turmeric
2tablespoons honey
1 lemon
1/2 a clove of garlic( I know gross)
less than half of a cucumber

And that's that.. I know it's alot of ingredients. But they each have a porpuse.. I'm going to do this for a week and let you know if my skin is better
Oh yeah im leaving it on for 20 min.. Maybe paint your nails and shave your legs.. Since its going to get messy
hoping this helpsa few of you.. I know how irritating having acne is

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its been 4 days what does your face look like




yeah does it work?!?!! :)


Remember, not everyone's face/acne is the same. Just because it works on one person doesn't mean it'll work on another. :) I'd say try it yourself! See it if works on you =)


I actually use all those things and i mix out up alittle to find what each item actually does to help with My Acne and blemishes..they all work but only if u have the correct regime for what's causing you're acne.. Im not sure exactly what started me to having acne in my 30s but the past 2years have been he**. I can say natural items are overall good and i have learned EVERYTHING there is to know about each herb, spice, etc. even the side effects If any. So in short you have to figure out what's causing it. I think mine is hormonal and my ocd makes me over use everything but nothings worked 100% for me. But ive been able to help everyone around me clear skin and all other if anyone have any specific questions please feel free to ask me im not a doctor but living with this crap 2yrs mixed with my obsessive compulsiveness i have studied and mastered the skin and natural remedies. So i can maybe help someone else with their trouble area. And also can give you facts on whatever info i provide. Sorry so long


To jewel: i have really dry skin. I get most of my pimples on the sides on my nose and my chin. Please help?!


Is it suppose to burn?


Is it supposed to burrn??:)

Acne Scott

Yeah I tried this and it is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.


Wow!!! Omg!!! It really worked... Are you a dermatologist or something like that? This proved to be the best and most useful post... Thank you very much, now i can go out and date again...

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