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HEY! okay so i tried alot of remidies on my skin, even though everybody's skin is different i still suggest this!
Im 14 years old and i had acne, just bumps and the occasional giant pimples. so i said...'crud, well lets go to home! lolz!' and the remedies kind of worked but not really. so i went to the store and i get this apricot scrub. i know you people dont like the kind of remedies that have to do with money but i only paid $3.75 big deal right? i cleared almost every little imperfection on my face. so try it man.

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there are different types of apricot scrub in the market. which one in particular did you use?


I've heard apricots are great for your skin but sadly im highly allergic.


Hi, I am a licensed esthetician.
I am pretty much going to BEG you to please not use apricot scrub. An if you insist, please use it once a month if that. Apricot scrub is very harsh on the skin. It contains tiny shards of shell, when used on the face in a scrubbing or circular motion it makes microscopic tears all over your face. Which then leads to scarring, even more acne because your face now has open lesions letting bacteria, dirt, etc in. It's probably one of the worst things you can wash your face with ! Please don't use it ! If you like scrubs, I'd suggest a teaspoon of sugar mixed with an even amount of shampoo. Mix it up, and use that on your face as an exfoliant. It's general enough to use daily if need be, or if you just really enjoy exfoliating.
Reminder: over exfoliating can cause breakouts, dry skin, oily skin, or possibly even damage the skin. Hope this helps. Sorry it's so long. If anyone had questions about their skin, or what I'd recommend you can email me at


This is not a home remedy. Plus, it's bad for you.

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