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Red Cross toothache kit found at Walgreens, CVS, etc. has provided the most relief for my dry socket pain. Note that the Red Cross toothace kit now has two different formulations. One with Benzocaine and one with Eugenol. I gave both a try and the one with Eugenol (which is the key essential oil of clove) is the one that you want to purchase. I assume clove oil will provide the same level of relief.

I began experiencing higher than normal pain on a friday and by saturday I was a little concerned about the amount of pain killers I was taking to try and dull it. I was to the point where the only thing that was working was (2) norco 5/325 tabs combined with 600mg ibuprofin, and that only seemed to last for about 3 hours so I looked to this website for recommendations. My routine involved brushing and rinsing my mouth with a warm saltwater rinse followed by soaking the cotton pellet in the Eugenol and then applying over the socket area for about 2 minutes, or until I can't stand it anymore and then I toss the pellet out. The eugenol burns quite a bit and tastes horrible, and if any of it starts to drip down your throught it might make you noxious. The burning subsides after a few minutes but so does the pain. After about 5 minutes post treatment the pain was manageable. I was then able to reach a pain free state by combining this with 2 advil every 4 to 6 hours. The relief provided by the eugenol also seems to last after drinking, rinsing, eating, etc.

On Tuesday I went in to see my oral surgeon because I was still concerned that the home remedy might not be the best approach to treating the dry socket, even though it got me to a point of a pain free mouth. The doctor irrigated the socket and then packed it with medicated gauze, which upon inserting my mouth filled with the familiar taste of cloves. I asked and he stated that it was gauze impregnated with eugenol. In comparing pain relief, the cotton soaked pellets I was using at home provided better pain management than the gauze pack that the doctor did. Possibly because of a lesser amount of oil in the gauze as I did not get the burning sensation or as intense of a flavor of clove from the gauze. I would still recommend seeing your doctor because there may be added healing benefit to the irrigation and with how deeply the gauze was packed, but the Red Cross kit will certainly help manage the pain. I am still applying one of the soaked pellets over the gauze packed socket from time to time in combination with the advil in order to get to where there is no pain at all. I can't stand the constant taste of clove in my mouth but I'm finally in a much better place.

On a side note, I am a smoker and only lasted about 8 hours post extraction before I broke and had a cigarette. I can't say 100% that the smoking contributed to the dry socket because lower wisdom tooth removal has an incidence rate of about 30% among non-smokers, but in hind sight dealing with the cigarette withdrawal would have been both physically and mentally more manageable than the pain I've gone through. I recommend giving it a second thought before smoking after extraction. Maybe I should have switched to clove cigarettes :)

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I had a lower molar extracted a week ago and have been in horrible pain, so I was looking for anything that would give me some relief. I was skeptical with the clove oil (Eugenol) but I went to Walgreens and found the Toothache relief everyone was talking about. Got home rinsed with warm salt water and then used a Q-Tip instead of the cotton pellets. I too was afraid that I would not be able to get the little pellet out of the open hole in my gum. I soaked the Q-Tip and then placed it on gum....worked like a charm. Definitely instant relief. It does taste bad and burns for a couple of minutes but nothing that can't be handled. Especially, if you have been in pain for a week and the Vicodin is not even kicking the pain.

Thanks to everyone who posted about this has been a life saver.


omg i wish i would have saw this earlier...its now one in the morning but pain free...even the pain pills wasnt working but the first aid stuff worked wonders thank you so much


Yes thank you went to walgreens got this first aid stuff and it worked the pain was gone within an half hour thx.....


OMG. I do not know who started this page, but I love you. I had 2 wisdom teeth removed last Friday. I had zero pain for the 1st few days. I took Motrin and ignored the hard stuff (Hydro-Codone). I followed my oral surgeons instructions to the letter. I do not smoke and avoided straws. On Tuesday evening I noticed that my right lower jaw was hurting. Not too bad but enough to bother me a bit. By Wednesday morning I was in horrible pain. I called into work. Thursday I saw my surgeon, for my follow up and I told him that I was terrible pain. I had taken the Hydro Condone on Wednesday and all it did was make me sleep. I was still in pain. My surgeon took 2 seconds and looked in my mouth and said that I did not have a dry socket. He gave me the syringe to irrigate with and sent me on my way. I think I cried all the way home. I missed work Thursday and Friday. I was in that much pain! I was planning on going to the ER tomorrow if the pain didn't lessen. I got on google can started trying to find anything something that I could do in the mean time to help with the pain and that is when I found this website. I got in my car - drove with all haste to Walgreens bought the Red Cross Tooth Ache kit. I think it was $6.79. I came home and had my boyfriend soak the cotton ball and put it in where the tooth used to be. It tasted horrendous but it worked! I feel like a new person! Thank you again for all those who came here and posted your experiences so that others could find this website and get some relief too!


The first post was helpful, though I note that the word "throat" was totally destroyed by spelling it throught, and the word nauseous was maimed spelling it noxious. The dumbing down of Americans is apparent.


My boyfriend read about this and told me what to buy ( he never did try it . obviously was NOT in the pain I WAS !!! I went and got it didnt read directions or online and OMG IT BURNED !! And went down my throat ugh!!! But threw the nasty smell horriable taste and burn within 10 mins I could finally go to sleep !! I will get broken tooth removed this week coming then will def use on jawbone and extraction hole too !!!


Have a bad infectionn in my root canal between the time of my root canal and my crown appointment. Used this. Worked well and tastes bad, but it burned my lips severely. They have been red and burning for the past hour. Used cold cream and chapstick to no avail. I am not allergic to cloves, so this doesn’t make sense. just be safe.

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