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Easy way to remove ink stains from clothing. Get a AEROSOL can of hair spray like(aqua net-n-white rain)MAKE SURE it is a PRESSURIZED AEROSOL can. Spray the ink stain and use the paper towels to keep it from making a mess. If it is a set in ink stain you will need to let it soak for a couple of hours before washing to make sure it comes out. Always remember to look at where the stain was after washing BEFORE you put the clothing in the drier because the ink is SO much harder to get out once it has been dried into the fabric. If the stain is still there after you wash then treat it again but this time soak it for a couple of hours before washing but you most likely won't need to. In 23 yrs of knowing and treating ink stains this way I have never needed to retreat. Hope this help you out....

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