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katie b.

I've read about all kinds of suggestions to stop the pain, but so far, this has worked the best. Put 4 tablespoons of salt into a wash cloth, and tie closed. Wet the outside of the cloth with about 1 tablespoon of water, and put it into the microwave for about a minute. Put the salt pouch on your ear, covering the opening to your ear canal. But BE VERY CAREFUL!! The first time I did this, I used an old cloth. I reheated it once it cooled off, and put it back on my ear. The old cloth was actually smouldering and I didn't notice. I pulled it off my ear just before it caught fire. So it works, just BE SMARTER than I was!!!!

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Didn't work. But 1 min. is way to much. Had to wait several minutes for it to cool down.


I tried this, but it didn't work. Never heard the microwave beeping--and hence forgot about the remedy 'til the next day, when the problem had cured itself.


I get ear infections quiet frequently. At home remedies seem to easy the pain temporarily. But I am glad I have the MD247 service. I do not have to wait for an appointment. I just pick up the phone and speak with a doctor within minutes.


I have infections in both ears at the moment, and a perforated ear drum in the right one. Will give this a go, after 3 days of it I'm wiling to try anything that might give some relief! - Well, possibly not the setting my ear on fire though haha!


You don't have to put the cloth in the microwave! Put the salt in a bowl in the micro & THEN put it in the cloth. Close tightly with a rubber band. I haven't tried moistening the cloth before but when I've done this for my kids, I've seen a yellow spot in the salt when I throw the salt away from the fluid the salt has drawn out of the ear & their earache is gone. Trying it now for myself! Haven't had a earache in decades but this one is bad.


It worked for grand baby she stopped crying


what way do I hold my head?


How long does this work, and how often can you re-do it if the pain returns?


didnt work..hoped it would, but no use.


This has worked for both of my kids! Very thankful for you sharing!!

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