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For me it started 3yrs ago as a small dry patch in the middle of my back (very hard to reach!). Since then it has spread all up and down my spine, and varies in intensity, dryness, itchiness, etc.

It's only today that I have finally been given confirmation as a result of a skin biopsy that I have psoriasis. My doctor is sending out a prescription that I've been told will need to a good 4 weeks to take full effect.

However any skin remedy, whether prescription or not, will only assist with the symptomatic effects of psoriasis, so as a result I intend to start working from the inside out in an effort to control the actual cause (and not the effect). Logically if I'm able to successfully do this then I'll have a long term solution to my problem, as the alternative is using some topical solution that may initially help, but will open the door for future occurrences.

Thanks to all that have posted on this topic. I especially found the various insights in the following thread on this website very helpful:

I will keep everyone posted on how I go...wish me luck!

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hi Nathan- i put the 'p' diet post. 2 things are incorrect. xylitol a sugar from birch trees seems okay if used in moderation and agave sugar should never be used. it's as bad as white sugar. this is a very frustrating disease. just let me know if i can help. most of the home remedies only deal with the symptom not the problem. i always try to back up my info with places where you can research the info for yourself and you can decide if it's accurate and works for you. best wishes


Nathan to get your research started a good resource is good info on soy, fluoride, 'p', milk, steriod shots, artificial sweetners and many more. dr childers book 'no nightshade diet' offers a lot of insight. good luck

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