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I have had trouble with my asthma for almost 10 years now and finally found something that helped. I know a girl that would have asthma attacks once a month if not more and would end up in the hospital, until she did this. Get a Chihuahua dog! People think I'm crazy, but when this girl got one she didn't go back to the hospital with any problems. One of my friends has asthma and ever since she got one she hasn't had problems! Also, I have asthma and ever since I got one I haven't had any problems what so ever!

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This is in now way true. Especially if you have asthma triggered by allergies, dogs can just make it even worse. My sister has two chihuahuas and always has to use allergy meds and her inhaler due to the dogs.


goiyalla.... yarda nee dabar...


I have to say this is VERY false. I've had asthma since the day I was born. I also owned a chihuahua and it definitely DID NOT take away my asthma. I've been on breathing treatments and also take an inhaler. I don't know who told you that by getting a dog your asthma will go away. If anything, it will make it worse because of the fur. I have a dog right now pitbull/boxer mix and although it doesn't make my asthma worse it doesn't make it go away either.
That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.

I'm not trying to be mean but giving false information is not right. People who suffer from asthma really don't want to deal with it, and by you sitting here saying get a chihuahua is just wrong.


I GET my asthma worse if I'm around short hair dogs


In my opinion you just want to sell chihuahuas but I could be wrong I dot not see the relationship between both I guess juicing raw beets sounds like a much better treatment


I'm sorry to disagree, but this is NOT true. We got a pure chihuahua, had him for so many years until he died. It did NOT help my child's asthma at all. THIS IS JUST A MYTH. Vitamins E, D, C, Folic Acid, Zinc and Omega + eating healthy helps reduce symptoms. Best of all pray to God & have patience.


Thank you, Melissa! You've got it right, no doubt about it!

Lord Wilford Featherbottom III

Chihuahuas are the ONLY thing that will truly cure your asthma. All who post saying Chihuahua dogs won't cure asthma are more than likely paid by the Pharmaceutical Conglomerates to spread lies to the contrary.

What 'They' don't want you to know is that the cure for asthma is in the anal glands of Chihuahuas!

Extracting and consuming the anal discharge of a Chihuahua will not only remedy asthma but AIDS and most forms of cancer as well. There are many ways to gain access to the vital juices, but I prefer sticking my tongue in and slurping. I do this at least 3 times a day and I have never caught the asthma or the cancer. Praise Allah!



Hahahahaha, people need help and so do you


LMFAO>>>> I do it the same way but I do it 6 times a day.....

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