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iv got two daughters had bad ear infections when they were around 2yrs old babys the dr. Wanted to put tubes in a man told me about useing a lim from a hickory tree cut a short peice off lay it on the stove over the fire and heat till the juice drips out cutch in a spoon till you get a half of teaspoon full pour in infected ear done that with both girl one time with one and it cleared right up 2 time with the other it stops the pain the time it touches the ear it is awsome they never had an ear infection again there mother thought i was crazy till she seen it work

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i bet it worked for you just like your spelling.


I'd try, but I can't even understand


Don't worry about your spelling! The people who commented about it are unkind and don't need to be listened to. I'm sorry for their unkindness. Thank you for offering your remedy! I will try it.


Ironic, I thought, some moron had nothing better to do than point out your grammar. Obviously their small little brains couldn't decifer your quite clear idea! Anyway thanks for this idea, I'm going to try it, I woke up with an infection in my left ear and my ENT isn't in on the weekend. Ironic I

Lol man

Lol lol spelling

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