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Whenever I have a headache , I use a few home remedies.

Remedy 1: drink Pepsi or coca cola. This helps if the headache is do to having a lack of caffeine( or take caffeine pills).
Remedy 2: lay down, this in a dim room with no sounds and it is best of you fall asleep. Putting a wet, warm cloth helps.
Remedy 3 : take painkillers, this is probably the best solution even if it isn't necessarily a home remedy.

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warm, wet cloths and caffeine always help my headaches go away. the caffeine helps to dilate the blood vessels going into the brain is what my doctor told me when i visited him. he suggested drinking extra water and a caffeinated drink to lessen my headaches without the need for painkillers.


Caffeine actually triggers headaches... never heard of such a thing as cola as headache remedy.. :P



If you don't know home remedies... keep your mouth shut. Drinking coke or taking machine.. for that matter... don't waste your time and our time...


Omg people r fckin stupid. If u can read ppl. When u go and buy migrane medicine over the counter it has caffine in it. So drinking a coke or pepsi does help. Anyway... my migranes are so bad. Im pregnant so i cant take medicines. Only cafine to a min. And its just not working. The dim lights and low noise helps but i just need something more. If anyone has suggestions...


Wait, how would you be able to go to sleep if you just took a caffeine pill?


Haha I cannot believe some of these responses. This person was just trying to help. I live with a chronic headache. Which means my head hurts every moment of everyday and I will probably live out my life this way. I'm only 26 so I'm in for the long haul. No narcotics work, alcohol, meditation, none of it. The doctors have even given up. Hints why I am on here. I have however found things that help. One is caffeine. For those saying this person is bad for mentioning it first, calm down second, you need to do some research on pain what causes it and how caffeine works with the human brain to help and third, think about it how many doctors say NO NO! Do not drink caffeine? Do you think perhaps it is so they can keep us on medications that are ruining our bodies? I believe so. So, thanks to this person for trying to help others with what they use. Even if it does not work for everyone I am glad that you can live a moment without pain because of these things. Keep on rocking and enjoy life to the fullest.


Caffeine has helped my headaches many, many times. It constricts the vessels in you head and offers quick relief. Thanks.


You ppl are ridiculous. I get headaches and caffeine always helps mine.

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