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Whenever I have a headache , I use a few home remedies.

Remedy 1: drink Pepsi or coca cola. This helps if the headache is do to having a lack of caffeine( or take caffeine pills).
Remedy 2: lay down, this in a dim room with no sounds and it is best of you fall asleep. Putting a wet, warm cloth helps.
Remedy 3 : take painkillers, this is probably the best solution even if it isn't necessarily a home remedy.

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No part of your 'home remedy' is 'Home made'.


wth ... is this a home made remedy


how you gonna tell someone to take caffeine to fix a headache


shows just how much some people are dependent on the pharmaceutical industry and the lies they've been told. None of that is a home remedy but I know you just don't know that. Love and Light!


you need to be smacked for posting non-sense i cant stand people who love to hear themselves talk and feel important. Stupidity...........who drinks caffeine for a headache reliever? and pepsi at that


Your wack


Some people that drink coffee on a very regular basis can actually suffer a type of withdrawal. My GF was sick, and had gone from her usual 5 cups a day to maybe 1. When the headache hit a couple days into this, and we had nothing for her to take, and I came across this looking for home remedies. I had her make a cup of VERY strong coffee, and the relief was very quick. It wasn't a complete cure, but was enough that she could finally get some sleep. To those that debunked this remedy without trying it, I say shame on you. Never dismiss something til you try it.


No they are right. Your body has a headache because its your bodies way to tell you something is wrong with you. So pain killers are not helping. They are making it worse. Caffeine by the way, is a poison. It will literally attack and were your organs down. If you have a headache from lack of caffeine, its because you have to much. It will have with draws but will go away.


People make caffeine a poison. Natural caffeine is good but a lot is not. I meant to say pop is poison.


Bastard - Do not give such suggestions to anyone. They can put someone's life in danger.

Apni Chutiyapanti band kar de.....

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