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This is my home remedy that I recommend. Get a cloth and put it in the microwave for about a minute. After you've done that, put it underneath your ear ( by your neck). This is recommended by doctors. Another remedy that can help is using cotton balls covered with Vaseline and put it jn your ear to prevent any water from getting in and clogging your ears, when you take a shower or when you're involved in a water activity. Do not use this cotton remedy for swimming! I hope it helps, you might want to contact your physician if clogged ears still occur because it can possibly develop into an ear infection

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This worked well!!! I can't believe just a warm cloth works! I also put some tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil in some hot water and soaked the wash cloth in it. Thank you!


im confused..heat up a wet cloth in microwave and just place it under ur ear near ur neck? so dont put it on ur neck or ear? and for how long? is the purpose to just let the moisture soak in?

Barbara Sanchez

This truly does work, my baby was crying and my appointment with the Dr. Isn't for another 2 days, tried this and viola, it worked! She went from tears to laughter within 15 minutes. The cloth needs to be dry not wet. Thanks


This was awful. It burnt holes in the cloth I used. Any longer and it would have caught on fire.

This should be removed because it poses a hazard, mods! Oh yeah, it still didn't unplug the ears.


i put the cloth in the microwave and when 10 seconds passed i saw a big flash of like blue electricity so i got scared and took it out i almost burned my house down ok cool


I'm guessing commenter forgot to mention to dampen cloth first- even then a minute is too long- risk of burns. Microwaves vary, so I would start 10-15 seconds to see if cloth not too hot to handle.


Cotton wool ball and vaseline does NOT work! I am now here with a blocked ear, vaseline covering my ear drum because the cotton wool ball would not stay in!

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