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Believed and failed

After researching and reading different ACV breakthroughs, I finally gave in. I always have annual check ups and about 1 1/2 years after going to my routine check I was told that I had HPV (never had any symptoms just an abnormal pap smear). Emotional, upset and disgusted, I went along with my doctor's recommendation of the LEEP surgery, which was a ok but time consuming. Well last week I started growing little tags near my VJ. I had no clue what it was but after doing a image search of herpes online I ran across a picture that was similiar, which lead me to HPV. I soaked a cotton ball with ACV (Braggs Organic) and place over one side of my VJ holding it down with a band-aid before going to The ACV will sting but after about 2 minutes the feeling should go away). The next morning I took a shower and noticed that the tags turned a white color and shrunk. Impressed with the results I re-applied a second soaked cotton ball for 2 hours and showered again after exercising and I noticed that all the small tags have been removed. OMG!!! I'm super excited about the results. I still have others so I will continue with home therapy. I just wanted to add to the discussion board to let people know that this stuff really works.

I still sceptical about the ACV douche but looking forward to researching a finding the right remedy.

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What is ACV? I have read about it, but people just use the acronym, and not what it stands for... Please help, I have a new girlfriend I cant have sex with until this problem is rectified...


ACV is Apple Cider Vinegar, can buy it at Kroger, Walmart ....


You are a good guy when think about to treat it before having sex with you new girlfriend . She would love you dearly for that.

Apple Cider Vinegar ( ACV ) worked on my genital warts 100 % . After 2 hours first treatment most of my warts turned whitish then failed off . I continue to use AVC for few more days. I'm a woman so it is harder for me to treat my warts .
I soaked a cotton bud with ACV and put it on my external warts, and used a bandaid to secure the cotton bud. My skin was burned a little bit but it 's not Unbearable .

Good luck


hi is ACV Apple Cider Vinegar
or something other

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