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You don't need to read anything else after you read this-such a simple cure to vaginal odor. Most women have problems with the PH system in their vaginas. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and causes a funky smell, especially after sex. That is the typical sign. All you need to do is take one capsule daily of a probiotic. I personally buy the Target brand-'probiotic colon support' from Target at $9.99. I am 53 and have tried and heard it all. Trust me, this remedy really works. Within 2 days you will be back to normal and ready to rock and roll!

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I keep seeing that this really works? I dont have a target but have a cvs? My husband just got super mad says its why he hates having sex. Will this really work? & is it any probotic will do?


I don't have a target so does any probitic work?


could someone mail this to me I live in Ontario and the target here doesn't have it

sheila G

Hellloo Gloria xan plz tell me this product is it a pull or something u put in ur vagaina ?? Can someone answer this plz

sheila G

Hi my name is sheila , I need to know plz is the product a pill or u have to put this product in ur vagina and what's the exact name plz and thx u ..


I just ran to target to get my pills.. If you work I will be updating soon : )


I just ran to target to get my pills.. If it works I will be updating soon..


I got the probiotic colon support from Walgreens hopefully it works as good as te target brand if not I'll deff switch. Thanks


I am taking these probiotic pills abour 3 months now and believe me, NOTHING HAS CHANGED! When I read this article I was so happy because I had a new hope but I have tried one from Walgreens the same one that was said in this post and also I have tried aa brand from CVS and now I am taking another pills's brand from Walmart, none of those 3 brands made difference at all. My vagina have the same odor as always, so I think it is because I have to shave all hairs, like a brazilian wax, take out everithing, because I have noticed that which gives this fish odor are the hairs, because it is not coming from inside my vagina. Do you guys think that could be this the problem?


I'm so happy that I found this post. I have been struggling with this on and off smell every since I started my period the summer before ninth grade. I'm always very self- conscious around people especially at work.I really hope that when I go to target to buy these pills they work. I'm so desperate and I don't want to be self conscious around my man when having sex...well when I do because I am a virgin...but yeah I hope this works

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