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You don't need to read anything else after you read this-such a simple cure to vaginal odor. Most women have problems with the PH system in their vaginas. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and causes a funky smell, especially after sex. That is the typical sign. All you need to do is take one capsule daily of a probiotic. I personally buy the Target brand-'probiotic colon support' from Target at $9.99. I am 53 and have tried and heard it all. Trust me, this remedy really works. Within 2 days you will be back to normal and ready to rock and roll!

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I also bought the accuflora probotics brand starting working in 1 day, on day 3 the smell is gone!!!! Thanks so much for your info on probotics :) tried every thing and this really works!!!!!!


Gloria you've made many women extremely happy!!!!!


I've been having this problem for YEARS! I always go to my gyno and he always tells me it's Bacterial Vaginisis. He gives me a one-time pill and I'm fine for about a month! ): I can't wait to run on over to target in the morning and purchase this. I really hope this works. No one should have to live so uncomfortably! Thank you Gloria! :)


I'm 15, & me & my boyfriend have been together for awhile. We talk about having sex, but I'm so embarrassed about the odor. & the thing is I've never done anything sexual. I really hope this gets the smell away! I'm going to get some tomorrow! Thank you Gloria. ����


I just came from Target.. I bought the 'Target Brand' colon probiotics.. I've been dealing with this for years... Always taking the antibiotics and going to the doctor every other month.. Its a never ending battle... it feels like it will never go away... ill update in a few days.. fingers crossed.


Does anyone put the target colon support into vagina?


hi beth from phils.can you send me on my email im suffeřing for years.thans


I am amazed ladies... it has worked.. it has been 5 days and i notice a huge difference.. I noticed at day 3, but just wanted to be sure... I am now sure that my BV has gone away... I will continue to take the pills.. but just don't know long I should keep going for??.Does anyone know? I can't believe this is working. Thank you Gloria.. you are my savior. I've tried everything. I want to cry tears of joy.


I got mine and i hope i have the right probiotics. im really hoping it works. This is so uncomfortable... i feel like if i can smell it so can everyone else.


I RAN to Target! I've been dealing with this for quite some time and I pray I have my answer. I've tried everything. I'm tired of the doctors visits and antibiotics that don't really work. Will come back later with progress!

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