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You don't need to read anything else after you read this-such a simple cure to vaginal odor. Most women have problems with the PH system in their vaginas. Bacterial vaginosis is very common and causes a funky smell, especially after sex. That is the typical sign. All you need to do is take one capsule daily of a probiotic. I personally buy the Target brand-'probiotic colon support' from Target at $9.99. I am 53 and have tried and heard it all. Trust me, this remedy really works. Within 2 days you will be back to normal and ready to rock and roll!

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Will triple probiotic work?


is culturelle probiotic 30 capsols what your talking about at target?




OMG, the probiotic is absolutely the right answer. Took 3 days instead of 2 as indicated, but it worked 100%. Thanks!


This was a great web page to view and get information. Thanks to all who have given advice on how womwn should maintain a healthy PH.


Ive tried alot of productd, but the probiotic was the only thing that worked! And only after 2 days! Thanks for sharing!


hello can i ask were can i buy that medicine?what is the name?probiotic?im here in phillipines can i avail that over the counter how u answer me thanks


which brand is it


I give this 20 stars. I wish more women knew. It took 3 days. I can't believe it works. No more smelly vs jay jay


Does triple probiotic work? Like does it have

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