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I am a 30 yr old woman. Have has HSV type I for 15yrs, managed to catch this from my very first partner at a tragically young age. HSV is just a part of my life and I fully accept it and also do what I can to try to remove stigma from people I interact with. I remember all too well the feelings of hopelessness and self disgust that accompanied my diagnosis and plagued me for yrs after. I remember how ashamed I felt, and how those feelings ultimately dropped my self esteem to zero and contributed to years of bad decisions including drug and alcohol abuse. My first remedy has to do with emotional pain: what is done is done, let the regrets go as the healing cannot begin until you can accept the virus as a permanent part of your life. Always, always be honest with a potential partner, keep your head high and remember that it is not the disease that defines you, but your response to it, and treatment of other human beings. You are not ruined, you are not dirty, you are simply faced with a challenge and must rise to the occasion.
To manage the pain, I get percocet from my doctor for the bad days. I use ice packs, the plastic kind that are filled with clay. This reduces swelling and is very good for the beginning of an outbreak when it feels like needles stabbing into the genitalia area. It also helps with itching.
A warm shower with the spray directly on the genitals can help clean the area without being too abrasive. A squirt bottle with warm water can be used as you urinate to relieve pain during urination.
I will sometimes make a paste of water and oatmeal and pack it onto the external labia to help with itching. Oatmeal is very Bengal and soothing.
For particularly painful sores, anbesol can be applied if you just need a few minutes of total relief. I use baby anbesol because it is dye free and sugar free.
Papertowels dampened with icey water and used to blot the sores can help relieve pain after urination.
Aquaphor can be used to help protect the sores from abrasion if you have to walk or move around, although you should limit movement to prevent abrasion and allow healing. Unfortunately we often still have to go to work, school, care for children etc, so this trick has helped me quite a bit.
Last but not least : love your body even in its imperfect state. Treat it as a mother would treat a child and give yourself compassion and understanding.

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Thanks for info!!!

Alanaha tjam

i have been suffering with genital herpes since the '70' And I can only say to hell with free love and the lies. Sex was so all consuming and simply another high we were all looking for at that time oblivious of what the future would hold. I find that if I wear pants that are a pit tight in the crotch and rub against me, I am bound to get an outbreak. Stress is another good one. Changing under ware
everyday especially when you are fight ing those little blisters is a must. It is possible to transfer the virus. Keep it clean, clean ,clean. I use Zorvirax as a cream and apply directly to the sores/ blisters. That seems to help with the pain for a while. I take a capsule daily that help with out breaks. Acyclovir taken daily keep it gone for months at a time. I am interested in finding out more about all the hype I hear about a cure.

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