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Tips For You: Head lice love straight,fine hair. You can not get head lice with super thick, curly hair(some think that's a lice favorite).

Remedy For You: Get a nice PERMANNENT hairdye you can even use clear.Now simply use the directions on the box.Now use a flat iron on your hair for 30 mins.Wash out hair with 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap.I came up with this after 8 pages of head lice remedies and remember those tips! Hope this helps

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Untrue judging by the amount of nits in my daughters thick, curly hair.


Definitely have to disagree on type of hair my neice has super thick Annie curls and my sister has fought long and hard trying to treat and then prevent her getting head lice. Although I have read that African Americans do have lower instance of getting them, sooo?


I too have thick, coarse hair which is currently in dreadlocks so def not straight and fine AND I have lice. Listerine killed the itching. Hopefully I don't have to cut my mid back length hair.:/

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