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Tips For You: Head lice love straight,fine hair. You can not get head lice with super thick, curly hair(some think that's a lice favorite).

Remedy For You: Get a nice PERMANNENT hairdye you can even use clear.Now simply use the directions on the box.Now use a flat iron on your hair for 30 mins.Wash out hair with 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap.I came up with this after 8 pages of head lice remedies and remember those tips! Hope this helps

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I usedto have blond hair thick and curly. I does it brown and flat ironed my hair for over an hour. THIS IS AN UNTRUE STATEMENT!!! I still have lice


My daughter has long curly thick hair and she got lice, so it has nothing to o with hair type.


sorry, but the thought that bugs do not like thick curly dark hair is simply NOT TRUE!! I am a foster parent and I received a girl whose head was invested, and I mean INFESTED with bugs and nits.... and she has.... super thick curly black hair. The only significance of having dark hair is you can see them really good.


I would just like to state that headlice do not care how clean or dirty your hair is , it is only interested in sucking the blood off the scalp. Also your hair type and colour is completly irrelevant.

I'm > you

Yea anyone who thinks that you can't get lice if you have thick curly hair is a moron, just another useless stupid superstition that the Internet is full of.


I have thick dark natural curly hair and I have had live before . Everything on here works to get rid of live. Olive oil is amazing the best.


I have 2 daughters; my oldest has straight, slightly oily hair and my youngest has curly dry hair. My oldest one had very few bugs but my youngest was infested. It has been a chore to get them out of my youngest's hair.
I have short wavy, dry hair and I had a few nits.

It don't matter what type, length, color, or style hair, you will get them.


I beg to differ...cuz my daughter would get lice at school growing up, and she has curly in ringlets all over her head! I too have naturally curly hair and I can tell you.....getting lice out of her hair was HELL due to all her curls!!!!! Using mayonnaise or miracle whip and placing a HEB or Walmart bag over her head was the BEST treatment and that includes the prescription crap that BURNED her head many many times!!!


Hair dye does not kill lice it only hides them. Makes them hard to see.


NOT TRUE!! Been fighting it for a year now! Tried almost everything I've seen in this site!!

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