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Tips For You: Head lice love straight,fine hair. You can not get head lice with super thick, curly hair(some think that's a lice favorite).

Remedy For You: Get a nice PERMANNENT hairdye you can even use clear.Now simply use the directions on the box.Now use a flat iron on your hair for 30 mins.Wash out hair with 1/2 cup of dawn dish soap.I came up with this after 8 pages of head lice remedies and remember those tips! Hope this helps

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Having two people with long, dark, thick curly hair in my house currently being treated for lice - I'm going to say this is an untrue statement.


I also disagree with the not liking thick hair. My daughter had very very thick curly hair and we are trying to defeat those little buggers right now :(

Linda a mother and grandmother

Use real mayonnaise . Coat hair with mayo and cover with a shower cap. Leave overnight . Wash out the next morning. Not only does it kill Lice but it also a great conditioner for hair. Safe for all ages. I was given this tip from a school nurse. Worked for us.


As I have long thick curly hair, and lice, this is definitely untrue. Lice don't care what kind of hair you have.


I have thick long curly hair and have caught head lice. It doesn't matter what type or colour.


I too have thick curly hair and in battling it now...this is untrue! They don't like dirty greesey hair!


Completely untrue!!! My son is mixed ( black & white) and has very thick,curly and course hair and we are battling lice right now! It is also untrue that black ppl don't get lice because of the products used in their hair ( pink lotion,grease extra..) I use all of these products in his hair daily and did not stop them from getting in my sons hair!!


One thing i know for sure that is false, is the statement that lice love strait fine hair. my neighbor's kids are infested. they have bushy curly hair and its like a lice jungle. my hair is straight and fine and i babysit them regularly. not once have i gotten lice. but trust me, a curly thick headed kid is not a fun thing to treat lice for. it takesFOREVER to get those things out.


i have thick curly hair and had it plenty when i was younger


My daughter is mixed (black/white) with thick hair, tight curls, and we use plenty of products and its given strengthening treatments...needless to say all those myths are just that, myths. We did an otc treatment today and combed and combed and combed. I'm studying this site to have a backup plan if this hasn't worked. Thanks for all the great ideas.

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